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Hi, I just finished my first playthrough (I got the bad ending). Overall I really like this game. The atmosphere was spot on and I like the sound design (although it would have been nice to have the option to adjust the volume in-game). The only real issues I had were a lack of subtitles (the music, sfx and ambient noise would occasionally drown out the protagonists voice lines) and a notable fps drop once I entered the house. Other than that, great work on this and I look forward to your future titles.

~ Uncle Robber

Thanks a lot for your review! I'm glad you liked it!

For those of you who are having trouble getting the GOOD ending, here is a video with it. I enjoyed the game but died halfway through and there was no checkpoint system. Made me cry a little on the inside.

Hey dude, nice video! glad you got the good ending!

While I did enjoy this game, I've got to say it's a bit of a double edged blade.
I enjoyed the setting of the game, and the controls were pretty tight (although the zoom aim was useless), and the game does have a really good atmosphere.
However, for me the game did not run smoothly at all, I'm not sure why, I have decent PC but there were constant audio drops and stutters.
I also had a hard time with ammo, there's no way to avoid encounters from what I can tell, and I ran out before dying. Which leads me to the reason I didn't finish the game, upon death after playing to about 25 minutes it just kicks you back to the start. A checkpoint system would've been a big help.

All in all, not a bad game and the creator is clearly great at making games, just for me as I said; it did not run well.

I did play the game for a 3 random horror games video if you were interested in checking it out (time stamps in the description)


Hey thanks for your feedback, hope you liked the game besides not running smoothly, nice video !

What happens when you give an AR to a boy scout?

Thanks for your video :)

Loved Playing it. Everything was amazing from start to finish.

Thanks for the video nice that you got the good ending! hope you had fun :)

I think you're gonna like my video. The Graphics and the suspense were well done. The Children had me on my toes literally.

Hey thanks for the video had really fun watching it! glad you liked my game :)

Ok this is a great game. It has an old school vibe. Loved the atmosphere. We finished both endings. Keep up the good work.

Hey man nice videos! glad you enjoyed and got both of the endings! :)

fun game man I love horror FPS games and this one was great! 

Hey man thanks for your video! Had fun watching it made me laugh xD, good luck with the good ending next time :)

Let me start by saying this was a great looking game, it captured me immediately and the environment was very well built. I actually like that it was relatively linear as I guess I am a bit lazy to explore. However, the gun play was a little bit weak and the monsters were too much of a bullet sponge. Otherwise its a great game and I hope to play more games from your studio!!

hey thanks a lot for the video glad you liked it :)

That was incredible! I just finished it, and I'm blown away. This has a lot of potential to be a full length payed experience! It absolutely skyrocketed past my expectations! There's even a final boss! Holy crap! You don't see that very often in indie games. The red liquid was really hard to find, so I was frustrated for a bit, but other that that, fantastic! I got both endings, by the way. 11/10 Very impressed!

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your review, Iā€™m really glad you liked so much the game !

Thanks !

Any time! By the way, what engine was this made with

Unreal Engine 4

Sweet! By any chance could you help me out with a game I'm making? I wanna add a gun that you can pick up and need ammo for, but I have no idea how lol

Well, the idea of the game is very good, I am from Colombia and despite understanding English well, I think that in the future you should add subtitles, also the option to change the graphics in the pause menu, and most importantly, there is a horrible BUG with the ammunition, Each cartridge has 30 bullets, it had 120 bullets and so you have the ammunition full every time you press for Error Reload you will have 30 bullets less, The other thing is that if you have shot 20 bullets and reloads, you lose those 20 bullets . The rest of the game is entertaining, the enemies agile and difficult. It's good

Hi! I'm considering adding subtitles in the future, the Reload isn't a BUG, It's meant to be that way.
The gun reload was made to be like it is in real life so if you have 30 bullets (full) and decide to reload without using a single bullet you lose all of them when you throw the cartridge away and insert a new one, also this feature was used to make the game more challenging.
Glad you liked the game besides that :)

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finally the Good End

Nice! :)

I loved the amount of work that went into this indie horror game. Itā€™s not often that you find a great looking horror FPS on Itch, and Iā€™m so glad I ran into this on my page! One thing though... I TRIED FOR AN HOUR AND COULD NOT FIND THE RED LIQUID šŸ˜‚šŸ˜­

Hey man thanks for your video !
You got so close to the red liquid, but you didn't see it xD
If you want to give another try is close to the start of the game
Good Luck :)

NO FREAKING WAY!! šŸ˜‚ I no joke cut out like 30 minutes of backtracking because I was looking for so long. Haha

Psst- It's on the other side of the red sign. It blends in since the sign is also red.

fun little game!

Needs some work with reloading, especially while running and the aiming and running needs some work as well. But it was still good!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Hey hope you had a good time playing Darkness Falls! thanks for the video :)

Hello, I really liked the game, but it has some very unfortunate bugs, when you want to shoot it does not shoot in time, it freezes, the controls for my point of view are lousy, they can be improved, the Q cure and the E for the actions, I miss a pistol or machete, but I really enjoyed this game, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel please:

Hey thanks for the Feedback, Glad you enjoyed it !

I am so confused and scared

Thanks for playing it :) hope you liked it.

Really enjoyed the atmosphere you have tried to create here with all the notes and caution signs. The monsters were quite challenging to face as well. Had a good experience!


I'm glad you had a good experience playing it ! nice video! thanks!

FUN! Made you a lil video: 

Thanks for your video! it was really cool !

< 3

love this game its very rare to find fps survival horror game on love the voice acting aswell here is my take 

Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked it! next time hope to see you get the good ending :)

I seriously was amazed at how much I enjoyed this game, even going to get both the good ending after getting the bad ending. Well done using some creepy monster design and a fun story.


Thanks for the video! had fun watching you playing it xD
it was really cool seeing someone getting the good ending and bad ending in a single video!
Glad you liked it :)

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Only few games on itch has a talking character and an attempt to make a cutscene . Well done. I faced a problem. When the gun is fully loaded 30 bullets and I press reload. It reloads and removes the other 30 bullets I have. it shouldn't allow you to reload when the gun is full.  Also if you reload while you have few bullets left. Say 12. You will use 30 bullets and ignore the 12 bullets left on the clip.

Hey thanks for the video, the gun reload was made to be like it is in real life so if you have 30 bullets (full) and decide to reload without using a single bullet you lose all of them when you throw the cartridge away and insert a new one, also this feature was used to make the game more challenging.
Glad you like it :)

This was a good one! I really liked it all the way up till the end. I believe I may have encountered a small hiccup but some items didnt appear. Great game other than that though!

Hi thanks! next time try using the telephone so you get a different ending :)

is this based on the horror movie Darkness Falls ?

Nice game , my gameplay is here , good job :)

Thanks for the video! glad you liked it :)

Can anybody confirm the installer is safe? windows smartscreen doesnt seem to like it.


Yes its safe, i installer and was fine. 


I confirm , is Ok

ok thanks :)

Hey awsome work! congratz! only got the bad ending yet. I will explore more the map to find everything! the monsters are tough, but with a good aim its cool challenge!

Thanks! hope you get the good ending next time :)